Rory McLeod & Susi Briggs unplugged

Susi Briggs
Susi Briggs

Saturday 23rd : 2 – 4pm  Masonic Arms  :  Free*

Rhythmic storyteller, multi-instrumentalist, …telling unpalatable truths about broken hearts…social injustice…in songs,  that are percussive, bold, lyrical, deeply personal …and have an unexpected edge to them, accompanied by spoons, harmonica, guitar, trombone and-tap-dancing shoes.

Susi writes and sings songs of light and dark of love and redemption. She is a solo performer who uses voice acoustic guitar and percussion.  Susi sings her own songs as well as delivering songs ranging from folk to blues in her own style.  Susi is the founder of Music Matters and author of the children’s book Nip Nebs.